The 66-Day Experiment to Redeem the Time


Welcome to the 66-Day Experiment to Redeem the Time Kick off.


Do you ever feel like there are just not enough hours in the day?

I sure do, and often.

I am not only a private investigator and writer, but a home economist and former success in daily living seminar director. So along with delving into civil and domestic matters, I’ve researched good practices for daily life management. But knowing and doing are not the same.

Of late, I’ve been so focused on writing, daily tasks suffer—eating right, exercising, and Bible time. I binge plan, eat healthy in spurts, buy fresh veggies and fruit then crumble at the first mention to eat out. Or how about when your husband grimaces at the sound of what you have planned for dinner? I’m easily enticed to our local Lazy Dog restaurant or pizza, then throw out slimy veggies a couple of weeks later.

I’ve got to do better. I’m a home economist for goodness sake.



I’ve got a ton of recipe and management books. I’ve taught this stuff. What’s up here?

Paul in the Bible puts it well, “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate, I do.” (Rom. 7:15- NIV)

Can you relate?





I want to read my Bible, eat right, and exercise daily,  but find myself doing what I hate—eating too much sugar and processed foods, getting little or no exercise, and playing catch up on my devotional reading—not to mention my household being in disarray. Scheduled appointments eat up the day. My husband and I often eat on the run (not the healthful kind of running) with me trying to squeeze in writing and reading.

The Bible warns in Ephesians 5:15-16, “See then that you walk circumspectly (cautiously), not as fools, but as wise, REDEEMING THE TIME (emphasis mine) because the days are evil.”

A big way that days can be evil is when they are filled with time-wasters and distractions. SO OUT OF NEED, MY LATEST INVESTIGATION STARTED TO TAKE SHAPE.


???????    Why 66 days? (That’s 9 weeks plus 3 days.)    ???????

I’ll explain in next week’s post.


With the goal of investigating

time-saving ways to include healthy eating, Bible time and exercise in our day and redeem time (Tweet this)

for extras we want to accomplish…









Here is our first week’s challenge:

By next Sunday, September 3, 2017,

  • Clean out all places that hold food in your house—refrigerators, freezers, pantries, cupboards. Get rid of mystery, old and freezer- burned items.
  • Make a master list of items on hand and sketch out where they are, and on what shelf. (So the hidden items are not forgotten.)

This will save time when you know what you have on hand and where to find it.

You may comment here AND a private Facebook page for the 66-Day Experiment is available to share any comments, questions or how things are working for you. JOIN HERE

(Look for a progress report and new challenge to redeem the time next Sunday.)



Join a Private Investigator

An investigator searches out things that are often hidden and examines facts.



It is my goal as a Private Investigator and writer to investigate ways and means of leaving a legacy–handing down something from one period of time to another.
It might be a special heirloom,





a recipe,






writing down a special memory.   





Currently my blog is centered on discovering commands to write in the Bible.   





I invite you to join me in this search.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Personal Background Investigation- Assignment #28- Share an “out with the old, in with the new year” remembrance.

happy new year

Scanning Facebook at year’s end, I happened upon this post from a special high school friend and with her permission share it below. Her words spoke volumes to me as to how capturing and sharing life incidents can leave a lasting impact.

The old year ended on a solemn, disappointing note that complicated both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, despite our best collective efforts.
It was still a huge relief for the process to finally end.
Now, to begin again, face a repeat process and just let things evolve as God would have them…and persevere through it.
In the course of last evening, while at supper, I met another widowed woman traveling alone on a 3 day journey from Michigan to Englewood. Her story tumbled out, was very like my own and she was overwhelmed by more than she could manage alone. I very nearly brought her home with me for the night because she was so weary and exhausted, facing 3 more hours of driving. Still she persevered on her journey knowing that comfort and friends awaited her, so I prayed for her well-being and safety on the road.
When I returned home, there sat a beautiful potted plant at my gate, with no giver’s name, no card, just left there for me to discover.
What a delight! Someone had thought of me!
It was a sign of encouragement to me, at the end of a weary, disappointing day to persevere on my own journey, to hold fast to the knowledge that God is with me, that there will be unexpected promise and delight, and the comfort of family and friends awaiting me at my own journey’s end!
Sojourning sister, I hope you are safely home and that you slept well!

Remembering Answered Prayer


Looking to your past to remember times when God answered prayer in your life can be an encouragement to you and others.

Personal Background Investigation- Assignment #23- Describe a memory of answered prayer in your life.


The Lost Cows
There was no stock law in Florida when I was growing up. All livestock roamed wherever there was grass and water. Sometimes our cows would wander off and we’d have to go find them.
cow behind bush

One day five cows went missing. We searched all the customary places, but didn’t find them. For several days Dad sent me on my horse to look for the cows. Mom and Dad were anxious. These were beef cattle that Dad was going to sell to buy supplies for the family and farm.
They had special prayer for God to show them how to find the lost cows. The next morning, Dad got up and said he had a dream and believed God showed him where they were. In the dream, he saw the cows grazing several miles east of our farm near Highway 79.
Even though this place was far from where the cows usually wandered, Dad was confident God had shown him where they were. We went to the location. Much to my amazement the cows were in the exact spot Dad saw in his dream.
I started believing in prayer at a young age. (From LaVelle Pitts memoirs)