Sally close up Kowalski

I am a private investigator, educator, and writer.

For years I taught home economics-related classes, middle to college levels; worked as a high school guidance counselor; presented time and life management seminars, and relegated PI work to summers and weekends.  Now investigative work gets to take a back seat to my love for writing.

When I’m not dreaming up new things to investigate for this web log (and complicating my life), I’m searching out ways to complicate life for fictional characters who are ultimately searching for God’s purpose in their lives (as we are).

I hold B.S. and M.S. degrees in Home Economics Education from Florida State University, with certification in guidance and counseling from Troy State University, along with being a licensed private investigator, with certification in Voice Stress Analysis (lie detection).

Home for me is in north Florida where I work alongside my best friend, supporter and former lawman husband in his investigations agency. I love to pick his brain for material to use in stories. We are blessed with six children, eleven grandchildren, one great grandchild, and a miniature schnauzer, Gibbs.



Ann Knowles

Hi Sally Jo,

I love your blog posts! We evidently grew up in the same time period and your posts brought back so many memories. Perhaps I’ll decide to write some of them like you did. Thanks for sharing your memories–and your husband’s.

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