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Leaving a Worthwhile Legacy
8/31/2014 7:39:00 PM by: Sally Jo

Personal Background Investigation- Assignment #22–

(Photo courtesy of pdpics.com)

I had to look twice to recognize that the fish in the surf was my granddaughter. At age seven, she shares my joy of the beach.
Though I stand safely a few feet into the water, she goes out beyond the breaking waves with her dad, preparing to ride the next “big one” on her boogie board. Sometimes she washes to shore with the tide, at other times the force pulls her under, and she soon surfaces sputtering and wiping her eyes, already anticipating the next ride.
There is something joyful about watching your family embrace love, I’m sure God shares that feeling as He watches us reveling in the wonders He intentionally provided for us.
I see Him smile when I relax against the backdrop of swishing waves, or when I find that one perfect shell, or smell the scent of fish and salt carried in the wind. In spite of the happiness over my granddaughter loving the beach, my greater joy comes from having her beside me in church, knowing my God is her God.
I am blessed to have all of my grandchildren, those living close and those hundreds of miles away, in church on Sundays. Although the credit is not all mine, this is the legacy I am most proud of.
What are you sharing with our family? Do they share your love of volunteering, or crafting, or running?
Can they make homemade noodles as well as you? Do they can green beans in spite of the work?
Most importantly have you shared God with them? Can they see the Savior in your life?
Not all of our children will follow or ways, but we have the responsibility to try. Spend some time in prayer this week, my friends, for your family—those in the faith, and those still yearning for the love of God.
Thanks to Regina for sharing. Check out Regina’s website and look for book, Deadly Decision, coming out October, 2014.

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