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Christmas Novella Giveaway & Cranberry Walnut Recipe
11/30/2023 9:35:00 PM BY Sally Jo Pitts

For those who love a sweet Christmas story… and a chance to win a copy

Investigating Food Used in Novels

This month’s food scene comes from my novella, The Lost Box: A Hamilton Harbor Christmas.  LEAVE A COMMENT ABOUT A CHRISTMAS TRADITION IN YOUR TOWN FOR THE opportunity to win a FREE BOOK.

HERE IS THE SCENE at the Harbor Town Bagel Bistro in Hamilton Harbor:

Elaine Robinson held a tray of bagels, filling the room with yeasty fresh baked smells. She stayed busy in the bistro but always managed to look perky with her pixie haircut and quick smile.

“This must be the Maury, I’ve heard about. You are just in time to try my latest Christmas experiment, cranberry walnut bagels.”

“We love her experiment days,” Dave said.

“Grab napkins, Tony, and serve our newcomer first.”

Tony complied, took two bagels, and handed one to Maury.

Maury took a bite. “Mmm, very good.”

“Thanks.” Elaine beamed.

Tony bit into his sweet and nutty bagel. “These will be a hit for the Christmas season.”

“I hope you’re right. Pass these out, will you?” Elaine handed Dave the tray and motioned to Tony and Maury to sit at the counter. “I’m making coffees for Olivia and Claudia outside.  Coffee or tea for you?”

“I’d love a mocha,” Maury said.

Tony ordered a black coffee.

Elaine busied herself at the coffee machines.  “How is the play coming along?”

“Actually, we’ve hit a snag and that’s why we’re here.” Tony swiveled around on the stool for everyone to hear him. “The play is progressing, but we ran into a problem, and hope you can help.”

“We’ll do our best,” Lake said.

“We need a life size manger.”

A special Christmas treat from Hamilton Harbor

                Cranberry Walnut Bagels

For the recipe go to Investigatin’ Recipes above under Investigator’s blog or Click Here.


Be sure to leave a comment about a Christmas tradition in your town for a chance to win the Christmas book.




An Audiobook Giveaway and Novel Food Scene from Author Travis W. Inman
10/31/2023 5:20:00 PM BY Sally Jo

Investigating Food Used in Novels

This month’s food scene comes from “Charity’s Shadow”—the novella by Travis W. Inman included in the multi-author book, Where Blooms Love.  He offers a RECIPE and the opportunity to win a FREE AUDIOBOOK.


       This audiobook could be yours!

Just leave a comment below, telling us your favorite food to pair with coffee.


Charity is unaware that she is being watched by a young man. Ben Greene, from the safety of his window, stares after the fleeting shadow of the young woman he would love to meet. He meets and takes out a girl who looks like Charity and discovers she’s not what he expected. And then …


From his chair, he looked up and gasped to see she was the girl from the street, the one he watched walk past his apartment every morning.

She observed his reaction and must have thought it odd. “Are you okay? You look as though you saw a ghost.”

“More like a shadow.” He smiled. “My name is Ben.”

 She returned his smile. “Pleased to meet you, Ben. My name is Charity. I like the name Ben—it’s my brother’s name.”

 He hesitated a moment. “Listen, I don’t want to seem like a weirdo, but I’ve seen you before.”

 “Where?” Her eyes were friendly. And inviting.

“I live just down the street, kind of across from a little flower shop on the corner.”

 Her face brightened. “Do you mean Edna’s shop? I stop in there every morning and smell the flowers on my way to the hospital.”

He blinked rapidly a moment. “Every day?”

“Practically.” She laughed to herself and then her cheeks turned pink. “That sounds a little strange, doesn’t it?”

He shook his head. “Not at all.” He hesitated and concentrated on building the courage he needed to take the leap. “I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time, but I never had the opportunity.”

“Well,” she pushed a stray hair behind her ear while her cheeks turned pink. “Hi.”


“Yes?” “Would you join me for a cup of coffee?”

“I’d love to.

Author Travis W. Inman shares these Pumpkin Muffins—perfect for the season and to go with coffee!

                                        PUMPKIN MUFFINS


For the recipe go to Investigatin’ Recipes above under Investigator’s blog or Click Here.


About author Travis W. Inman:

Travis W. Inman grew up in the West Texas ranch country, spending his first twenty years cowboying with different ranches. He had a desire to enter the ministry but could never find the proper fit. After serving for a year as a traveling missionary throughout South America and Mexico, he finally found his place—and it required a uniform! The Army was his next adventure, although short-lived. After a year in the infantry, he sustained a life-changing injury and received a medical discharge. He then found his way into civilian service, where he became a field agent with the Department of Homeland Security, working along the northern and southern borders. During his twenty years with DHS, Travis volunteered as a police chaplain, and served on the Traumatic Incident Event Response team, responding to such events as active shooter incidents and deaths of his fellow employees. Travis is now retired from law enforcement and is concentrating on his writing, being a grandfather, and traveling with his wife of almost thirty years. If you’re looking hard enough, you can find him roaming the world, searching for hidden treasures, sampling local cuisines, and typing feverishly on his next novel. https://www.traviswinman.com/


About Where Blooms Love:

An inspiring collection of romance stories from eight different authors:

TravisW. Inman, Cheryl Johnson, Lane P. Jordan, Sally Jo Pitts, Linda Wood Rondeau, Cynthia Simmons, Shelia Stovall, and PeggySue Wells.


A Family of Promise- New Release by Mary Ann Kerl
10/3/2023 10:20:00 PM BY Sally Jo

Investigating a New Book Release 



Brookdale, USA--Second Chance at Romance

Second-grade teacher Trinity Andrews meets Max Blake, a parent to one of her learning-disabled students.
Max tells Trinity he is worried about his daughter, Kat, who cannot read.
Even though Trinity is overloaded with work, she agrees to help. She helps Kat all right, but Trinity can’t figure out how to deal with Max emotionally.
Meanwhile, Max has emotional baggage from the past, and he’s falling in love with his daughter’s teacher.
But will he manage to reveal his secret past to Trinity? And, if he does, will she even want him?

My Take:

This story captured my interest by weaving together several interesting plotlines. A heroic rancher dad of a special needs child and a dedicated heroine teacher take center stage. Each of the main characters is dealing with baggage from their pasts and difficult family relationships. I was concerned about the characters and how they would deal with their problems. Through it all faith is a strengthening factor. This was an enjoyable small town, sweet romance read. 



About the Author:

Mary Ann Kerl has sold fourteen books to traditional royalty-paying publishers, including Augsburg Fortress and Honor Books. Where Are You, Lord? sold about 40,000 copies. She wrote curriculum for the United Methodist Publishing House. Mary Ann also wrote short stories, poems and articles for the Oklahoma State Department of Education; the material is presently being used for standard achievements tests for all of the Oklahoma public schools. In addition to a doctoral degree in E-learning, she has a masters in education with a journalism focus. She holds a graduate certification in composition and BS degrees in journalism and family consumer science. She is a former English and Mary Ann Kerl 256 Journalism teacher. Her portfolio includes over 2,000 articles and short stories to over 100 publications, including Home Life, Virtue, Seek, The Lookout, Writer’s Digest, The Writer and others. A former newspaper correspondent for Tulsa World and the Daily Oklahoman, Mary Ann has over fifty writing awards from the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. group



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