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An Amish Picnic Scene and Quiche Recipe from PeggySue Wells.
8/31/2023 12:00:00 PM BY Sally Jo

Investigating Food Used in Novels

This month’s food scene and recipe come from PeggySue Wells’ “Tea for Two” novella included in the multi-author book, Where Blooms Love.

In the Amish community, farrier Bailey Wayne meets Trina Troyer who opened a tearoom inside the newly refurbished Old Traction Barn store. Bailey would like to take Trina to lunch. But since her strict father is not receptive, he brings lunch to her.


Here is the scene:

The following week, Bailey arrived midday at the Old

Traction Barn. “Got time for a picnic?”

Larkin and Trina left the shop in the capable hands

of the college intern. Outdoors, Tobias set up four picnic

tables. “We just doubled the seating for the Tea Shop.”

Bailey waved Trina to a table and unpacked a picnic

basket. “Meat sandwiches for the men, and I took a guess

Larkin and Trina would want quiche and salad.”

Anna, the pretty local midwife, arrived. “Hey,


Bailey produced a fresh sandwich from the basket.

“Thanks for popping by.”

“Thanks for bribing me with lunch.” Anna sat on the

girls’ side of the table.

“I owe you lunch out.” Bailey said to Trina. “Your dad

wasn’t fond of the idea, so I brought lunch to you.”

“The first time I had take-out from the local diner was

the day the colt was born,” Larkin said. “Tobias brought

extra-large servings of breakfast.”

“And extra-large cups of hot chocolate,” Anna said.

“What a wonder to find a baby in the barn after waiting

those months.”

Two women exited the shop with iced tea and settled

at another table. “These tables are—”

“A two-fer,” Larkin and Trina said together.


Author PeggySue Wells shares this Spinach and Sun-dried Tomato Quiche family favorite recipe with us. 

             Spinach and Sun-dried Tomato Quiche 


For the recipe go to Investigatin’ Recipes above under Investigator’s blog or Click Here.


About author PeggySue Wells:

PeggySue Wells parasails, skydives, snorkels, scuba dives, and has taken (but not passed) pilot training. Solo mom of seven and founder of SingleMomCircle.com, she is the bestselling author of 30 books including The Ten Best Decisions A Single Mom Can Make, Homeless for the Holidays, and Chasing Sunrise. Connect with PeggySue Wells at PeggySueWells.com


About Where Blooms Love:

An inspiring collection of romance stories from eight different authors:

TravisW. Inman, Cheryl Johnson, Lane P. Jordan, Sally Jo Pitts, Linda Wood Rondeau, Cynthia Simmons, Shelia Stovall, and PeggySue Wells.



Star Trek Inspired Novella Food Scene by Linda Wood Rondeau
7/31/2023 10:50:00 PM BY Sally Jo

Investigating Food Used in Novels

This month’s food scene and recipe come from Linda Wood Rondeau’s novella “My Favorite Leia.” Her story is included in the multi-author book, Where Blooms Love.

 With the mention of burnt ham, the reader is drawn into the image of a fragmented, flawed marriage in need of the joys and hopes promised at Easter.

Here is the Scene:

In addition to coaching Trisha’s team, except for a burnt ham, Easter dinner was the start of something new for our fragmented family. Shayla approved more frequent overnights with Trisha, and sometimes Shayla would join us on our adventures. I discovered more amazing things about this women God had sent into my life. She was crafty—painted, crocheted, and sowed clothes, not just for herself and Trisha. Her generosity reached to homeless shelters. Why had I never noticed her many talents.

 That Christmas, Shayla invited me to dinner. The first time in eighteen months I’d seen our old place. She’d partitioned a portion of the large living room to create a bedroom for Trisha, decorated in full princess theme.

Soon, I was frequent guest for Sunday dinners and holidays.

We were finding a rhythm in our separated status … a friendship and closeness absent when we lived together. Had we become better friends than a married couple? Was I being fair to keep Shayla in limbo? Had the time come to divorce? I still loved her with every fiber of my being. “Lord, if giving her the freedom to love someone else is the best way to love her going forward, give me a sign.”

Trisha never failed to request a game of dominoes after dinner. We laughed a lot during those times, so I wasn’t prepared for her direct question. “Daddy, why can’t you stay here all the time like you used to?”

I thought she’d accepted the way her parents now lived—separate but united in their love for her. Apparently, I was mistaken Shayla and I exchanged glances, then she rescued me from breaking my daughter’s heart. “Right now, that may not be possible, honey.” Shayla squeezed my hand, as if in contradiction. Oh, how I’d missed her touch. “But no one knows what the future can bring.”

Hope. Hope I’d not dared to embrace until now.


Author Linda Wood Rondeau says  “Dave probably didn’t put water in the roasting pan and had the oven too hot. Here are my suggestions for the perfect, flavorful Easter ham.” For the recipe click here.

                         Ham with Pineapple and Cherries

About author Linda Wood Rondeau

A veteran social worker, Linda Wood Rondeau enjoys golf and spending time with her best friend, her husband of more than forty years. A lover of history, the couple enjoy traipsing through museums and pondering life in days of yore.  Mother of three and grandmother of nine, she resides in Hagerstown, Maryland and is active in her local church. Readers may learn more about the author, read her blogs, or sign up for her newsletter by visiting www.lindarondeau.com or connect with author on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Pinterest, or Threads.

About Where Blooms Love:

An inspiring collection of romance stories from eight different authors:

TravisW. Inman, Cheryl Johnson, Lane P. Jordan, Sally Jo Pitts, Linda Wood Rondeau, Cynthia Simmons, Shelia Stovall, and PeggySue Wells.



Win Your Way to Christmas Cheer in July
7/8/2023 10:10:00 PM BY Sally Jo


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